"Hi Team,
    I wanted to send a quick report to the team about the Glen Helen Rally Cross Event that was held this weekend.
    Deke and Deke both came out to Glen Helen for the Rally cross .They drove their Rally Fighter there from 1000 Oaks and had all of the necessities for the day tuck away in their car.  Due to the awEsome construction of the Rally Fighter the Dekes were not able to enter their car in the production class and had to compete in the 2wd Modified class.  This is the class with the turbo charged subarus, mitsubishis and mazdas.  The Rally Fighter was very warmly welcomed by all who attended the event and many there were honored to actually see a Rally Fighter in person because they had only read about them in magazines.  Then here on this day they were able to see two of them in person and actually get to see one on the track as well.
    The track was full of twists and turns and just a few big bumps, the course was very tight and we could only get the Rally Fighter into second gear for a moment on the back straight away.  Deke took the Rally Fighter out for the first recon to check out the course on a parade lap.  Unfortunatly for Deke he had to follow the water truck around the course and got his Rally Fighter all muddy for the first time since he has had it.  Deke came back to the staging area where we looked over the car really quickly and then decided to let some air out of  the tires to improve traction.
    Deke offered to allow me to drive his car around a few laps and you know me I could not pass that opportunity up, so I agreed.  We took alternate turns piloting the Rally Fighter around the course and we had a great time.  Deke and I were even able to offer a couple of rides to the other drivers that were there at the staging area of the track and they too had a great time and were quite impressed with the times the Rally Fighter was laying down against the competition.
    In the end at the awards ceremony out of the 12 cars that were entered.  The Rally Fighter placed in the 8th position and placed in the 5th position.  We were very proud of our first Rally Cross competition we have ever competed in in a Rally Fighter.  The crowd at the awards ceremony applauded and were very pleased they were able to see the Rally Fighter in action.  We were also invited to come back and compete with them in their next season.”


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